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The Wenninger MapService is a service that has developed from spatial data tasks of Wenninger Geoinformatics and CADdy Geomatics.

Four areas are covered by Mapservice:

  • the hosting service
  • the data service
  • the MapOnDemand service and
  • the mapshop

The hosting service offers our customers and business partners the ability to operate a professional map service without major investment. The data is hosted on servers from Wenninger or CADdy Geomatics and are subject to German data protection law. The servers provide fast internet access and are based on powerful hardware with a high depth of functionality for WebGIS applications.

The data service is a collection of programs on the topic of data mining, data crawling and data catching. Besides our own large data that the Wenninger cooperation has collected and stored over the years, more data can be determined and added to the databases. Powerful tools help to migrate and prepare data for different tasks.

The MapOnDemand service is a set of utilities offering export functionof a choosable section of the online map into various formats. In case the selected part is based on data not free of charge, a shopping functionality is integrated. Available from spring 2014.

The mapshop offers a wide range of databases and derived cartographic products for virtualnaly all kinds of tasks at extremely low prices or even for free. Per default the data is provided in a format of the mapdesigner (sqliteDB), jpg (with world file), as shape or PDF. Payment is made online via PayPal.

Optionally, you will find a link to the software offers CADdy Geomatics .

More information about the Wenninger cooperation can be found at